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Deposit  $100.   Cash only!

Karen Stumpfig

3726 Ziemer Rd., Gladwin, Mi 48624

Check one of the following:
______Eulenhof/Serakraut Kennels is accepting a $100 deposit for the purchase of a German Shorthaired Pointer puppy that has been born.  If for some unforeseen circumstance (illness, death of the pup etc.) your deposit will be returned or held over to a future litter if you choose.  If you change your mind and not take the pup, your deposit is nonrefundable, however your deposit can be held for a future litter.
______Eulenhof/Serakraut Kennels is accepting a $100 deposit for a pup that is not yet born - if we cannot provide you with the sex of the pup you requested, your deposit will be returned or held over to a future litter if you choose.  Once the pup is born and you choose to not take the pup your deposit is nonrefundable, however you may choose to hold your deposit over to a future litter.
Enter the following information:
Parents of Litter_______________________________________________
Date of Litter__________________________________________________
Sex: Male__________Female_____________
Briefly explain your intent for this pups future as a pet or  hunting dog:_________________________________________
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You will receive a call or an e-mail when your deposit arrives.
I understand that this contract guarantees me a healthy puppy from an up comeing litter. Once the litter is born the deposit goes towards the purchase price of the puppy.
It is understood that by siging this contract it is agreed upon that I am bound by the terms above.